Our Approach- The Career Pathway Model

The Career Pathway model is a coordinated effort that brings workforce development agencies, local government, community and faith based organizations, high schools and public and private companies together to work with both in- school and out- of- school youth ages 14-21.

Under the leadership and partnership of our chief elected officials, Mayor Michael B. Coleman and the Franklin County Board of Commissioners and the COWIC Youth Council, we are developing solutions to the challenges surrounding youth and young adult employment. As new partnerships form, it is becoming more evident that for young people to truly succeed and support the current and future local economy, we must actively identify and make more accessible career pathways from school to work.

Our Goals

Under the leadership of the Youth Council, the Career Pathway model coordinates the resources our future workforce will need to gain the skills and the will to achieve lifelong success. The goals are simple:

  1. To increase individual youth’s education and skills attainment so that they may find and maintain employment.
  2.  To meet the future workforce needs of local employers and growing industries.