On-the-Job Training Success Stories

MSC Industrial Supply

MSC Industrial Supply is an industrial equipment supplier with an operation located in west Columbus. A large employer, MSC has hired several COWIC/OMJ-CFC job seekers through the On-the-Job Training (OJT) program. When another large employer had to lay off several employees, a COWIC job developer who was working with MSC and knew the other company was having a Rapid Response event, suggested that the two companies meet. MSC was able to find several candidates who met their criteria and the laid off workers were able to transition to new positions without a gap in employment.

Melvin Clemens went to MSC after working for the other company for 42 years, with the last 35 being as a Maintenance Technician. MSC hired him as an hourly Stockhandler in their warehouse. MSC Human Resources Recruiter Michelle Moorshead says Clemens has been achieving his metrics and shows a great work ethic.

Patricia LeMaster had been with the other company for more than 24 years and had a variety of warehouse experience. She joined MSC’s picking team and has received numerous accolades from her supervisor regarding her performance.

Marisol Acevedo had been with the other company for 16 years and had been promoted from billing clerk to HR Representative when she was laid off. Even when the HR department downsized, she took a driver position in the warehouse in order to continue working for the company, but she was laid off from that position as well. She joined the MSC team after working with COWIC/OMJ-CFC’s Rapid Response team and is applauded for her attention to detail and outgoing personality.

All three of these employees were hired with incentives provided through OJT, and this is a prime example of what can happen when workforce development staff connects the dots between employment and training programs and services and the needs of employers and job seekers to provide fast, effective workforce solutions.

Primary One Health

Ebony Loving entered the OWIP program in March of 2014.  She had completed her Medical Assisting Degree and was having a difficult time finding permanent employment.   She was referred to a position that was posted through the OJT Program at Columbus Neighborhood Health (now Primary One Health).   Ebony was referred for an interview and was quickly offered the position.   Ebony received additional On-The-Job Training through the program and was hired permanently in May of 2014. Primary One Health has worked with COWIC/ OhioMeansJobs Columbus-Franklin County for the past three years to find qualified candidates for their open positions.