Individual Training Accounts

The Individual Training Account (ITA) is a voucher given to approved job seekers who are unemployed or underemployed and in need of short-term occupational skills training to become employed at self-sufficient wage. ITA’s helps jobseekers to obtain occupational skills training leading to an industry recognized certification; employer recognized skill certification, or a specific skill attainment. Candidates must meet certain eligibility requirements and be a resident of Franklin County.

Approved WIA Training Providers

On-the-Job Training

You Hire. You Train. We Pay. On-The-Job Training operates on the premise that employers make the best trainers for the jobs specifics to their industry and provide the best training sites- the place where the job will be performed. The OJT contract is meant to offset the initial costs of training and will not necessarily cover the total expense of training, but traditionally workers who are hired through OJT show a higher retention rate and increased productivity. OJT gives employers an incentive to hire central Ohio’s unemployed workers, while giving job seekers the hands-on training to ensure that new employees have the skills needed to stay and progress. Eligible employers may receive up to $8,000 per employee hired.

Essential Skills Workshops 


Restoration Academy