Intern is in tune with new recording studio at Whitehall library

Demerus Taylor (center) helping other young people with recording software

It will be hard to fill Demerus Taylor’s shoes at the Whitehall Branch of Columbus Metropolitan Library when the S.O.A.R. hire! program ends this summer, says Max Lewis, teen mentor at the library. In fact, Taylor’s work in the library has set a high bar for future interns.

“His accomplishments are many, and his impact will reverberate when we no longer have him at our disposal after this summer. Personally, he has reminded me of what hard work and determination at a young age can look like. I’ve also grown into being his mentor, and hope that we will continue to keep in touch after his internship ends,” Lewis says.

The newly-remodeled Whitehall branch includes a recording studio, called YOUMedia, and Taylor’s job duties include assisting young people with using it. Luckily for Taylor, an 18-year-old hip hop artist, he knows his way around music recording software. Along with interacting with other young people, Taylor must also track data about each teen that requests his help.

“I could even go so far as to say I couldn’t take a proper vacation this summer without Demerus being available to help my co-mentor in my absence,” Lewis says. “He spent much of the summer learning how to enter in statistics, a very important factor to the YOUmedia program. This helped to significantly lighten my workload and provide Demerus an opportunity to work on his office-oriented skill set.”

Taylor graduated from the Columbus Alternative High School this year. And though he thought he knew plenty about music production, he says that the library internship through the S.O.A.R. hire! program has helped him become more well rounded.

Max Lewis (left) with S.O.A.R. hire! intern Demerus Taylor (right)

“Going into the program I was just another naive kid that thought I knew everything about music,” Taylor says. “I learned so much valuable information that will forever stick with me throughout my music endeavors. The program taught me not to settle for what I had, but to strive for even more and that everything is a learning experience.”

And Taylor may have gained lifelong fans as he continues to strive toward success in his music career.

“I’ve watched him graduate high school, get accepted to college, and perform live at a local venue in the city. All of these were important moments in his life, and I was happy to be able to assist in them happening in any way possible,” Lewis says.

Working at the YOUMedia studio at the library has helped Taylor decide to take music and the music business more seriously. He will be attending The Ohio State University and studying computer science this fall.

“This program made me strive for better and not to settle. So with that mindset, and being that I always thought I did not have what it took to get into such a prestigious university such as OSU, it made me work harder in school in order to get what I thought I deserved,” Taylor says, adding that his experience with S.O.A.R. hire! and the Whitehall branch has helped him set the standard of excellence that he hopes follows him into his career. “They made me feel welcomed in and able work at my own pace; the library became a second home and my love for music grew stronger because of it.”