COWIC helps young adult ex-offenders find jobs

Program gives ex-offenders ages 18-24  help finding stable, permanent employment.

It is proven that ex-offenders are more likely to stay out of the prison system and out of trouble if they are employed. However, finding a job when you have a record is not only difficult, but often frustrating. It can be even more taxing if you are a young adult with little-to-no work history. To support ex-offender reintegration into our community, COWIC has partnered with the City of Columbus to launch the Young Adult Restoration Academy (YARA) inititiative.

YARA is a six- month, paid work experience program for restored citizens ages 18-24. The goal of the academy is to provide 25 young, restored citizens in Franklin County with various work experience programs which will result in obtaining permanent employment.  Employment increases an ex-offender’s opportunities to obtain housing, healthcare and support him/herself and family. Participants will have the option to receive specialized skills training,  supportive services, and more, all provided by partnering agencies who have come together to see each participant succeed.

COWIC/OhioMeansJobs Columbus-Franklin County is currently recruiting for the first cohort of 25  participants. Click here to learn more, refer a candidate or to apply.

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