Business owner says S.O.A.R. hire! is a ‘win-win’ for youth and employers

S.O.A.R. hire! Success Stories

Summer 2015

D’Jhonia Selph, owner of Tiny Toes Daycare and Ultimate Healthcare Solutions, Inc., has been involved with the S.O.A.R. hire! program for five years. She has more than 50 young people working at both of her businesses.

“It’s a beautiful experience to help someone with their first job,” Selph says. “We show them how to do everything, but we don’t hold them by the hand all day.”

Selph is so passionate about working with S.O.A.R. participants that she picks them up in her daycare van and transports them to Heinkels & McCoy to attend workshops. She helps the young people in her businesses identify what areas they are most passionate about; some work with children, while other work on marketing, scheduling or have administrative duties.

Malik, 18, Mi-Shawn, 16, and Donald, 16, work for Tiny Toes Daycare answering phones, filing papers, and helping manage the toddler classes. “We get to play basketball with them, and teach them colors,” Malik says. Mi-Shawn says he never considered working in childcare, but was curious about the experience when he signed up for the S.O.A.R hire! program.

Their supervisor, Denise Dortch, says she was pleasantly surprised that the three males were so engaged with working with the children and assisting her with administrative work. “These gentlemen went over and above the call of duty. They do anything they can do to help,” she says.

This summer the daycare has been able to offer a few permanent positions to summer workers who are looking for year-round employment.

“It’s a win-win situation,” says Selph, who has also referred several colleagues who own businesses to participate in the S.O.A.R hire! program. “I get to help young people out, and they get to help me too. We all have a great experience.”