S.O.A.R.hire! Summer Employment Initiative: FAQs

S.O.A.R.hire! is a paid summer employment initiative for youth and young adults ages 14-24 in Franklin County. Space is limited. Applicants must submit documentation to determine if they are suitable for the publicly-funded (Community Collaborative) or company-paid work experiences (S.O.A.R.hire! Academy).

Application Period: April or May

Internship Period: June through August

Q: What are the requirements to participate in S.O.A.R.hire!?

A: There are 3 different models for the S.O.A.R.hire! program. Each model has its own guidelines, see the information below:

  • Work Based Model: 14 – 17 year olds and/or youth with special needs
    • Family must receive public assistance (free/ reduced lunch is not a means to determine eligibility) or;
    • If not on public assistance, total family income cannot exceed 200% of federal poverty level
    • Have a picture ID and Social Security card
    • Youth 14 & 15 years old must have a valid work permit
    • Parent consent for program participation
  • Internship Model: 18 – 24 year olds with less than a year of work experience
    • Family must receive public assistance or;
    • If not on public assistance, total family income cannot exceed 200% of federal poverty level
    • Have a picture ID and Social Security card
    • Have at least 1 year of work experience
    • Youth under 18, must have parent consent for program participation
  • S.O.A.R.hire! Academy  Model: 18 – 24 year olds with 1 year or more of work experience
    • Have 2 forms of ID
    • Have an updated resume
    • Attend a Get Ready 2 S.O.A.R.! work readiness training session

Q: How do I apply for the S.O.A.R.hire! program?

A: The application period for the S.O.A.R.hire! program will be in April or May. Remember, the programs are first-come, first-served. Your application and required documents will determine your eligibility for S.O.A.R.hire! 2015. Once you complete your application, be sure to check the email address you provided for your “Next Steps.”

Q: Where will I be working?

A: Worksites for the S.O.A.R.hire! program will vary. This year we will focus on in-demand industries in Columbus, Ohio. Our goal is to match your internship/ work experience to your interests, based on worksites available.

S.O.A.R.hire! Leadership Academy worksite placements are based on successfully completing the Work Readiness and Leadership Development Workshops and attending the C.E.O. interviews.

Q: How do I get my work readiness certificate?

A: S.O.A.R.hire! Leadership Academy work readiness workshops will be offered at COWIC OhioMeansJobs Columbus- Franklin County. You can sign up for work readiness after competing  your application. These three-hour interactive workshops will include, Leadership Development, Interviewing, Financial Literacy, Work Ethic, Resume Building, Dress for Success, Elevator Pitch and Time Management that will prepare you for a business environment.  You will receive your Work Readiness certificate upon completion of the work readiness workshops. Bring it with you to the Career Employment Opportunities (C.E.O) interviews of your choosing.

Q: Why do I need to go through Work Readiness training?

A: Employers have told us that the youth and young adults who went through work readiness training stood out from the crowd. Work readiness training prepares you by developing your resume, interview skills, and ability to adapt in any work environment. This type of training will make all the difference in your job search. These sessions are free and a big opportunity for you to freshen up the soft skills that employers seek when deciding who to hire.

Q: What if I have been through similar work readiness training in the past year?

A: If you attended  previous S.O.A.R.hire! Academy Work Readiness and Leadership Development Workshops, you will participate in the S.O.A.R.hire! Academy Alum.

Q: What is the time commitment for a S.O.A.R.hire! participant?

A: Your internship will be at least part time at 20 hours per week for a period of at least 8 weeks. Internships will be from June to August. Internships for S.O.A.R.hire! Academy may vary based on the employer needs. The salary will be minimum wage ($8.10 hr) or more based on what the employer/program pays for the position. If you are chosen by an employer, your internship could begin right after the completion of the interview and hiring process. This is something you and your employer will work out. You may have the opportunity to work longer than 8 weeks or to be kept on as a regular employee. Therefore, it is important for you not to take any time off (vacation) during the 8-week period. This summer job could be your 8-week “auditon” for a permanent job! Do your best work!

Q: What if I can’t make it to the S.O.A.R.hire! C.E.O interview?

A: If you cannot attend your scheduled C.E.O interview you will need to contact the S.O.A.R.hire! Academy staff immediately to reschedule.

For additional Information or questions concerning:

S.O.A.R.hire! Community Collaborative – ages 14-24


Email: [email protected]

S.O.A.R.hire! – Summer Academy – Ages 18-24


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