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Workforce Services: Adult & Dislocated Workers

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The Central Ohio Workforce Investment Corporation provides personalized job development and referral services.

Core Services
Services are free of charge for customers who are newly entering or attempting to re-enter the workforce. These services include technical support from knowledgeable staff in preparing or updating resumes, identifying skills from past jobs, volunteer work, hobbies, school or social situations. Your information will be entered in a computer database, which will match your skills with job orders provided by employers and market your qualifications. Our staff will provide follow-up services after you have secured employment.

Services are also available for job seekers with special needs such as veterans, persons with disabilities, displaced homemakers and dislocated workers.

Intensive Services
Assistance is available to eligible individuals who need assistance with short-term and low-cost employment development costs such as credentials testing, GED preparation/testing, training in English as a second language, job readiness and basic skills training, CEU courses, short-term non-credit courses or workshops, and required work clothing. Customers who request support services must provide verification of the need and how it meets employer's requirements.

The number one barrier to employment for job seekers in the Work Place Central One-Stop is transportation. In response, COWIC developed Ride2Work. Working directly with employers and transportation companies, COWIC serves as a pick-up/ drop-off point for workers needing a ride to jobs they can't reach by traditional public transporation. The shuttle service is provided at a fee paid by the employee through our payroll deduction. Since the start of the program, more than 230 workers have used COWIC as a transportation hub.

Training Services
COWIC offers several federal and locally funded training programs to eligible job seekers looking to develop new skills in Central Ohio’s high-growth industries. If you are looking for personalized job development, specialized training certifications, or a new career path, we may have a program for you.

1111 E. Broad St., Suite 201- Columbus, Ohio 43205